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The Sound of Our Town project is the latest art project by Jason Savage Images, and is a tribute to the music that has helped shape the personalities of cities all around America. 

It is s a series of interconnected murals done by various painters. Each mural will represent musicians and bands of all genres and eras, who are associated with that particular city or state. Some of the murals will be likenesses of the musicians, and some will be their names. Each mural will have its own unique look, and will be located outdoors, viewable by the public.

The goal of this project is to not only pay tribute to the music that has added to an individual city's identity, but also to instill a sense of civic pride and remind people what makes that city special in its own way.  The murals will all have a connectedness with each other, in a special "Easter egg" musical note that will be painted into each mural.

Portland, OR is the first in this series, and was unveiled on September 1st, 2023. The mural has been a big hit with residents and visitors alike. As was the case with  Portland, each city's music history will be thoroughly researched and local music history advisors will be consulted. This will ensure that each mural is accurate and respectful. 

Sponsorship & Donation Opportunities To Be Available Soon

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