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The Portland Music Mural is an outdoor public mural that has been created honor the diverse and influential musical history of Portland, Oregon. It has been painted to pay tribute to the music that has come from the Portland community, helped shape the city's identity, and has been a positive cultural contribution to the world. It is the first major public art tribute to the music of Portland and is a long time coming. A limited selection of 25 different bands and artists of various musical genres, spanning over 50 years are depicted on the wall. The number of musicians on the wall had to be limited in order to keep the composition from getting overcrowded. 

The 50x22 foot horizontal has been painted by renowned Portland artists, the Pander Brothers, who also have roots in Portland’s music culture. The Portland Music Mural is located on the East-facing wall of the Mayer Building, at 1130 SW Morrison Street, in downtown Portland. It directly faces the TriMet Lightrail turnaround, near the Public Library and the Hotel Sentinel. Artist Keri Hughes has also helped on the project.


The Portland Music Mural has been funded by various local businesses and private donors. TriMet, Miller Paint, X-Ray FM, Shady Pines Radio, and Water Avenue Coffee have all been a great help in this project. Artichoke Music has payed an instrumental role in making this mural come to life.

The area next to the mural has a description and sponsor information. Other Portland musicians and bands not on the mural are featured on this website. This site contains additional information and history on Portland's musical footprint and the many artistic voices that make up the rich history of Portland’s music legacy.

We are proud to have the Portland Music Mural illuminate the history of Portland's Music culture and show off the amazing and diverse talent that has come out of the city over the decades.


The unveiling was September 1st, 2023 at 2pm.

-Jason Savage

  PMM Producer

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