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Sounds of Our Town is an art project unlike any other.  It is a series of connected murals that pay tribute to the music of numerous cites all across the United States. The Portland Music Mural was the first one completed, with the unveiling on September 1st, 2023.


This series is being created not only to pay tribute to the music that has helped shape the personalities of cities all across the nation, but also to remind each city of things that have made it unique and cool, and foster a sense of civic pride and camaraderie with other places.


Each mural will have a special "Easter egg" painted on it somewhere. A small section of a translation of the Hurrian Hymn no. 6 will be painted somewhere on each mural. It is the oldest written music that has been discovered, written roughly 3,500 years ago, in the Mesopotamia area. It was translated by scholars from the ancient Hurrian language into modern music notes, and the Portland mural contains the first section.


This is being done to show that no matter where the music comes from, it all ties together in our human experience, and goes back to the beginning. This aspect makes each mural connected to the others, creating Sounds of Our Town as one big art piece. Some murals will represent single cities, and some will be for states. Multiple paintings are being planned for the largest cities.


Other cities are currently in development, and research is being conducted. The Sounds of Our Town project is currently seeking individuals and organizations that can help withon musicians for each mural, walls, sponsors, and technical advisors for each city who have extensive knowledge of their local music history.

Jason Savage,
Founder & Producer of the Sounds of Our Town project
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